Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Settled

I know, I know... I am having a hard time finding time to post on the blog these days. 

First reason for not blogging lately, we are in our new place. We moved July 5th and July 9th. Woo--I am glad that is over and don't want to do it again for a very long time! The hard part wasn't just having two little ones but all the boxes and everything was so overwhelming that most of the time I didn't know where to start. I was also sad because of the friends and family I was no longer near. Well--I still am sad about that. I don't know that you ever get over moving from a town you have grown up in your entire life. But I am very glad for Gus and know that this is the right thing for us. 
With lots of help from Gus we have been able to put a big dip into the unpacking. I think I have 4 large boxes sitting in the living room to unpack and then about 4 medium boxes left to unpack in a closet. So we are getting there!!
Gus of coarse has a small to-do list and the garage to finish but I am feeling really happy about our accomplishments this past week and a-half.

The boys are doing well. Ethan is in Vacation Bible School this week and then I have him registered for another VBS next week. We are signing him up for Soccer starting September and then I am registering him for T-ball as well. I think we are all looking forward to when that starts. As for Tucker he has been a bear lately. He is cutting another tooth, he's stubborn, doesn't get along with his brother, and is just plain grumpy. I am praying for this to quickly pass! 

Second reason for not blogging, I just got Internet, phone, and cable on Saturday. Our neighborhood is a fiber-optic neighborhood. So we don't get to have Comcast or AT&T as providers. Everything is really difficult to do. It took the guy over 5 hours to install our Internet, Cable, and Phone on Saturday. Yeah--Not exactly what I had in mind to do all day nor did we know it would take that long--but hey--We are connected now! 

So there's my short version of our life lately. 
Oh and this past Sunday we were ecstatic to have some friends stop by on there way home to Florida from there weekend in Savannah. We had a wonderful time talking the afternoon away, swimming that evening, and having dinner with them. I told Gus after they left that their visit was exactly what we needed. So--you guys know who you are--Thank You So Much for Visiting US!! We loved it!

Anyone else who wants to stop in to see us, please know your welcome. We love having people over!

I haven't had much time to take pictures but I am planning on taking some of the boys this week. They are growing so fast and getting so big. I will be sure to do that soon so you don't miss out on there cute little faces!

That is all for now, folks. 
Have a great rest of the week!

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