Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trip To Destin

Here are some pictures of our recent trip to Destin, Fl. We we were so excited to be able to meet up with friends and spend a few days vacationing this past month. We spent our days either on the beach, in the pool, or boating. Pretty much in the water alot of the time. It was so beautiful and the water was very refreshing. The guys did go deep sea fishing one day and had a blast doing that.They were worn out afterwards but I think they would have done it again the next day if they could have.
Tucker and Chandler were teething while we were there but they were great troopers.
When we got home I realized that Tucker had 4 back teeth coming in. No wonder he was a bit fussy. I can't believe I missed that! I mean I knew he was teething but I couldn't ever tell how many teeth were coming in so when I was able to get a good look and saw 4 I was shocked!

So we had a wonderful time and we can't wait to go back.

The first set of pictures are of us at the pool, beach, and on the boat!

Cutie Pie- Chandler
Tucker checking out the water
Lindsey and Chandler
Ethan loving his time in the sand... What boy doesn't like to dig to his heart content?
I don't know what he is doing here but look at how big he is getting

Lindz sun bathing on the boat

The next set of pictures are from when we went out to dinner.They are pictures of our view at the restaurant and the beautiful sunset.

These are views from the restaurant and our table.


Ethan being our clown and trying on ladies hats

Later that night after dinner some sweet friends drove in to Destin just to visit with us for a few hours and then drove back home.... Can you guess who?
Tim and Laurie Howard-Thanks you guys for driving in to see us and visit. It was great seeing you!We hope to see you again real soon.
Oh, and these pictures were taken at around 1:00 in the morning , so you will have to excuse the way we might look. 

Here is our view from the condo and the main living room space. You can see Tucker by the small round table. He was pretty happy to be out of his car-seat after being in it for about 7 hours.
What was also really neat was the Lettow's, Broome's and us were all able to stay in the same condo. Which made it alot more fun b/c we got to spend so much more time together.

After I upload more picture I will share some more from our trip but for now that's it!

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