Monday, April 12, 2010

{Good Morning Monday}

Wow! It has been two Monday's since I have done a Good Morning Monday---I promise my weekends have been fantastic but just really busy. This past weekend my friend and I gave a baby shower at Olive Garden. I know it sounds different but we have done about 4 showers at restaurants before. The ladies seem to like it and enjoy a fun lunch with friends and family.

My friend and I made these cute favors and sat them at each ladies place setting. Something a little sweet and salty to take home. Chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, and M and M's. 

 A very long table for 20 ladies, 2 children, and 1 baby...
These were delicious cupcakes that matched the color theme of the shower. 

Saturday afternoon we attempted to take our boys to the beach... Well lets just say it was COLD. For some reason even though it was 70 degrees the wind was kicking and it made it really chilly. Our poor boys were shaking but they did have a blast for the short time we were there. We promised them that we would be back and they would get to play for a long time. There was some tears but what can you say-- I can't blame him!
Can you see the wind blowing in his face?
More Fun

We enjoyed dinner at the beach and HAD to stop by Rita's Italian Ice for dessert. It had been years since I had been to that place and I wasn't going to pass that opportunity up. If you haven't had a chance to eat at Rita's then you are missing out! It is a yummy fruit flavored ice with vanilla custard on top. Yummy.

Sunday morning we did not attend church. I know--shame on us. Our youngest was coughing alot and didn't sleep well so we decided to keep him out of the church nursery and just take it easy. Not a very good excuse. We enjoyed a long-- and I mean long-- 2 1/2 hour walk down a 14 mile trail. Obviously with two kids and a stop for lunch (not included in that  2 1/2 hour time) we did not walk the entire 14 miles but we did walk a pretty good distance.
Here is the beautiful trail:
And that sums it up-- Hope you had a great weekend.


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