Monday, April 26, 2010

{Good Morning Monday}

First things first....
I have decided that I am going to take a computer break this week. Well-- I mean blogging break--I will still check facebook, e-mails, and be available by phone. Which by the way--This past weekend I had a virus on my computer/e-mail and it sent it to everyone on my contact list. I was SO frustrated that words could not describe how I felt. But I did get it fixed-- I HOPE--It seems to be fixed for now but if something changes then I will have to change my e-mail address but I will keep you updated on that.

Ok-- So that was my little tangent but now back to what I was saying. 

I sometimes spend WAY to much time blogging-- well maybe not as much as some people-- I guess...... but more then I should sometimes. I can't help it! I LOVE blogging. But I have lots planned for this week and upcoming weekend and there is NO WAY I could do it all and blog. I promise I will be back refreshed and have some NEW things to share. So stay tuned for that... 

And Remember.....
Have a few good days - and take some time away from the computer yourself! I bet we would all be surprised by how much extra time in the day there is when we don't spend so much on the computer! :-)

Since I will NOT be posting on May 1st--which is Photography Tip Day I am going to share it with you today. It will be a little something I can leave you with or should I say Open Light Studio's can leave you with, after all, they are the ones sharing these tips with you!

So as I always say at the beginning of a Photo Tip post:

Open Light Studio's is a professional husband and wife team who give us tips each month on how to better yourself with the camera.

Today's Tip:
Backgrounds Are Subjects Too
The backgrounds of your photos are subjects too.
I'll explain: You have your child as your main subject, but lurking behind your child and helping creating life and energy into your photo is the background.  We all know this subconsciously because most people want a photo shoot at the beach for example. But when it comes to taking your own photos, it's often forgotten and most of the images are taken inside your house or in the yard. Go to different locations!  Walk the streets downtown with your child, go to the beach, to a lake with ducks, to a park, the marsh, etc. Your background is the supporting actor for your child, use it well.

 This is a beautiful picture and tells a fun story of a boy having fun on a tree swing. I think the lighting is gorgeous. The background which is almost non existent but yet perfect with the marsh makes the boy "pop." Which means, really makes you focus on him rather then have a distracting background.
Photo taken and copyrighted by: Open Light Studio's

Click on the titles to see the this past years tips:


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