Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Parenting: "Newborns for the First Time-Intro"

"Intro into Newborn"

So ALOT of girls that I know are almost at the point of delivery or have just delivered there new bundle of joy. So now you ask," What do I do next?" There you are, sitting in the hospital room about to be discharged and the nurse is going over everything with you before you leave. Your thinking: "I am going to be sole provider for this baby and what do I do if I mess up?"

1st off, the baby will never know!! That is the great part of newborns, they won't remember if you forget to clean the belly button EVERY TIME you change them or if they go a few days without a bath (which by the way, for there skin, they really shouldn't be bathed everyday,but that is another post.)
You are already going to be given tons of advice from every friend and family member you know so just remember these few things:

1.)This is your child
You are now the parent and it is nice to get advice (when you ask for it) but you now have to make the decisions for yourself. How you want to care for and raise your baby is now your responsibility. Don't let other people make you feel bad or like you are doing something wrong. This is your first time around and you aren't going to have all the answers to all the questions....so take it easy!! Don't get all stressed out about. Which brings me to the next thing....

2.)Sit back and take a chill pill:
Your baby will not be a newborn forever, he/she will not keep you up all night for the rest of your life. Even though you might be feeding every 2-3 hours around the clock, your sleep deprived, and you just want to sleep all day, and you begin to wonder when this precious new born is going to stop crying or go to sleep. "There is a light at the end of the tunnel" So to speak...
So enjoy those first few days with your new baby, and know that after a few days or week, when you start to settle in and figure each other out, then you can start to have a better routine. Also, you are healing, whether a c-section or natural birth, your body has experienced a major change, and your hormones are going to be a roller coaster for the next few weeks... So, sit back, and just enjoy!

3.) Don't be afraid to ask people for the following:
*Don't be afraid to ask people to wash there hands and use a sanitizer when they come in to visit your baby. By the time you have your second and third baby you might be over this but since this is your first most moms abide by all the rules...
*Don't be afraid to ask people to call before they come over. When you and your baby are trying to sleep you certainly do not want unwelcome visitors. So just nicely ask for them to call before they come.
*Don't be afraid to let those who offer to help... HELP!! This was a huge problem I had. I didn't want anyone cleaning my house or cooking or doing things b/c I thought I was inconveniencing them...They wouldn't have asked if they couldn't or didn't want to help! I look back now and wish I would have taken more people up on there offer. So those who want to help out, Help...

4.) Trust your Instincts:
Remember, you know your baby better then anyone else. Every day that goes by you will know more than you did about being a mommy than the day before.

5.) Enjoy your new miracle. 
Time goes by too fast and you will be singing Happy Birthday at his/her 1 year old birthday very soon.
Take it all in and take lots of pictures...

So I can go on but you probably don't have lots of time right now!! Feeding, changing, and sleeping is what your life is all about!! I just wanted to share with you a few things about the first few days that are important... Stay tuned for TIPS for New Mommy's

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