Thursday, September 24, 2009

Parenting: "TIPS for New Mommy's"

Some Tips for New Mommy's

Spiritual and Emotional:
First things first - you won't find time to spend with God. You will need to make time -to do it. His patience, love and strength will help in transforming you to be the mother you (and He) want you to be.
Begin training your mind and heart to freeze these special moments so you can bring them back to your memory when this baby gets bigger. Time flies when you're in love. Trust me.

When you feel a little resentful that your husband's life hasn't seemed to be affected by the new bundle, realize that you are only jealous that you can't do what he still can (i.e. get up, pop out of bed and be ready to go in no time, or to read a book, or check your e-mail - if you can get up, it will be to nurse the baby! if you have a second it will be to get a shower). Go ahead and grieve the loss of freedom that you once had. Go ahead and get it over with so that you can willingly embrace the 'bond'-age of the little life before you.
Don't let him/her steal your time, sleep, space - give it to her willingly..

Mommy Care:
Rest. I mean, really rest. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby. Put your feet up during feedings. Take some deep breaths. When the baby sleeps, take a nap or lie down. The first few weeks is a huge time of healing for your body. Don't push it. Allow other people to pamper you. And if someone offers to help, actually give them something little to do.This is something I did not do. I can't take naps and I refused to sleep when my first born slept. I had things I felt I had to get done, but looking back they were not that important. A happy mommy is more important then the clothes, or dishes...
Do something nice for yourself everyday - take 15 minutes each day to do something for yourself. It will make you feel human again...
Don't get dressed to go anywhere until AFTER you've fed, burped and changed baby. I'm sure you're carrying an extra outfit or two for baby, but why don't you pack one for yourself to keep in the car? You never know when they will have a blow out and get it all over you.

Baby Care:
When baby poops from head to toe (and they will!), don't freak out - grab the camera and laugh it away.
One thing I did that worked - gave my baby a bath and baby lotion massage at night. It relaxed both of us and he smelled wonderful.
Get ready to set some time aside for your husband and very soon! You need to get out either alone, with your husband, or with a friend. And the earlier you begin with this, the easier the baby will adjust to other caregivers. Don't worry about the cost - a) you can't afford not to take care of yourself and your marriage (you were a woman, wife and friend before the baby came and you will be long after they leave!) and b) there are PLENTY of women who would love to hold and cuddle a baby for a couple hours while you get a much-needed break - so use them!

If your hubby offers to do anything let him, let him, let him. True, it may not get done exactly as you would like (diapering, feeding, bathing, trips to the store, etc.) but it will be one less thing for you to do.
Now this next thing is HUGE and VERY important:
Get ready to set some time aside for your husband.  I know getting out at first isn't what is on your mind but you will need to eventually give him some of your time. Without the baby! If you don't want to leave the house and leave your baby with someone then have someone come over to watch him/her while you and your husband have dinner or watch a movie or talk at home.This is so important b/c with the business of a new baby we can forget that our husbands still need us to communicate with them and show them that we still love and care for them.

Be patient with breastfeeding - it gets easier.
If you're nursing - drink, drink, drink. If you notice frequent headaches, you could be dehydrated and in need of more fluid. Good rule of thumb: each time you sit down to a feeding, grab a glass of water.
Another little thing I want to add-Don't be surprised if you get pregnant while nursing. It happens alot! Nursing does not prevent you from becoming pregnant, nor does (the pill that you take while nursing) prevent pregnancy either. More on this in later post...

Developing Good Sleep habits:
To help care for you new baby-teach your baby to get him/her to sleep by putting him/her down awake. When you know your baby is tired, have him/her fall asleep in his crib without you holding, patting, or rocking them. It will teach  him/her to go to sleep, without creating bad habits that will have to be broken later.

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