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{Good Morning Mondays- Guest Writer: Taylor Garrison}

{Good Morning Monday}
This morning we have a guest writer: Taylor Garrison
This morning she is going to show you how you can Decorate for Less in December!
Hope you enjoy!

Decorating For Less In December
When I tell people that my husband and I don't decorate much for Christmas they usually gasp in disapproval. They are reacting that way for two reasons, one, because I am in school for interior design (so I should jump at any chance to decorate!) and, two, because it just isn't typical for someone to not fill their home with Christmas/ Holiday decor this time of year. I would say that my reasoning comes from a strong belief that the reason for celebrating December 25th is something that can and should be honored all year. I think all holidays should be held in that perspective. A home should be lovely and inviting year round just as our hearts should be too. That doesn't mean to completely leave out some special decorating though! I decided to purchase one yard of fabric to see what I could do to snazz up the little table in our kitchen.

Next, I gathered up Christmas cards, a tray, a cute little plate, a tiny Christmas book, paper whites in a pot -all from other areas in my home. I folded and ironed the plaid fabric into a runner and laid it over the table first. You can't beat having a brand-new runner for less than $5! I didn't sew it yet, but even if you want to have a hem and can't sew, you can always use an adhesive iron-on hem.

 Then I began to position the other items around it. Most of the decor in my home is blue and white. The fun thing about plaid is that you don't have to get matchy-matchy with it. Have some fun and blend items you already own with any new decor that is specifically seasonal. This will help you keep costs down as well.

Small books are wonderful because they add whimsy. If you have small children that are learning to read, placing a fun story specific to the season on a table can be an easy way to encourage them to read.

As I looked at all the beautiful faces gracing the fronts of the cards, I thought of some pictures I recently had developed that a relative took a long time ago. A lot of the pictures she took included family members that have since passed away. I wanted to somehow include them with the cards so I found an appropriate frame and put it front and center. It is nice to have a special reminder of people I love, even if they are no longer on this earth. You could also showcase your own family's Christmas card in a special way by framing it too.

As you can see, it doesn't take much to make a holiday table. A little old and a little new can mix together to provide a beautiful showcase of the things you cherish most this Christmas. Decorating isn't hard if it comes from the heart.

I'll leave you with one more creative idea that I haven't done because I don't have any little ones yet:) You can purchase a big blank canvas (or several smaller ones) at your local craft store (there range from $10-$25) along with some fun paint that matches your Christmas decor. Have (or help) your child(ren) make a "masterpiece" to be hung in your home every December. You could paint the canvas(es) one color all over if you wanted and then ask them to paint shapes of things that remind them of Christmas. If they are too young to come up with shapes, help them use their hands and feet! Make sure it is signed with names and the year. That would be a fun way of keeping track of how big they are each Christmas, and how much they have developed artistically too.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!



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