Friday, December 11, 2009

*How To*

This is a "How To" from Brittany Hedrick
She is planning on sharing a new "How To" with you every couple of weeks.
I hope that you enjoy what she has to share!

How to:
Keepsake Children’s Hand-print

Unique Ways to Keepsake Your Child’s Hand print…….
When I had my first son I was kind of obsessed with figuring out different way to put
Carson’s fingerprint on everything. After all, there hand is only small once and I wanted to capture it as many different times and ways as possible.
So I thought up some neat ideas that I would like to share with you..

 *Hanging Fingerprints*

*Hanging Fingerprints*
I went to my local craft store and bought a few canvases (make sure they are the same size.. mine were 5x5 but you can use whatever size works for you!) and then I covered it with fabric I had left over. You staple the fabric (of your choice) to the back of the canvas. Make sure you pull the fabric you are using tight so there aren’t any bubbles and that you use small enough staples so it does not go through the frame. I used thick polka dot paper for my main design and ivory paper for his hand print. Taped them all together and decorated it with two different types of ribbon and added vertical dots on the side. Now you have the foundation for your child’s personalized fingerprints.
Play with it, have fun, and be creative…

Materials Needed For Hanging Fingerprints:

  • Two matching canvases
  • Fabric
  • Staple gun & staples
  • 1 sheet of a solid color paper
  • 1 sheet of fun styled paper
  • Black Ink pad
  • Markers (optional)
  • 2 different types of ribbon
  • Glue or two sided tape (tape works best)

*Clay Plaques*

*Clay Plaques*
With the clay plaques I used molding clay from my local craft store.
**All craft stores do not carry a large supply of clay so you should call around for the exact type you want.**
The shells are wooden and have a dip in the middle. If using a flattened wood your mold will not be flesh with the wood and could possibly fall off when hung on the wall. After painting the wood brown I put the (GRAY) colored clay in the center. I mixed the clay before hand in a bowl then poured it into my mold. You should put the hand or foot in the clay almost immediate before it becomes too hard to press.. This does all depends on the amount of water you used to mix your clay to begin with. If runny, add more clay so it is stiff when you press the imprint in.
Set aside to dry a good 24 hours and that’s it!

Materials Needed For Clay Plaques:
  • Gray Clay2 wooden plaques
  • Paint (thick paint works best) or Stain
  • The hand or foot you will be molding
                  I hope you enjoy these tips and can benefit from them.

Just remember to have fun with it!

Brittany Hedrick


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