Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This and That!

Today is the Giveaway! Don't forget it will end at 3pm. (Eastern Standard Time)
You still have time to post comments, blog, Twitter, and Facebook about it.

On to today--shall we?

It is 2 days before Christmas and 1 day before Christmas Eve and have you procrastinated on finishing those final things?

Well normally I don't but with moving this past weekend, I have been busy with unpacking and getting my house organized again.  See--Christmas Eve (tomorrow) I am having my family Christmas dinner...
It is at my house!
The family is planning on arriving around 12 noon for appetizers and then dinner will be served sometime around 6 or so.
After that we are going to open our gifts with my side of the family...
So I am sure you can imagine what a busy day it will be at my house tomorrow, but it will be fun!

We have the Wii and the Christmas movies ready to go, so hopefully between that and cooking everyone will not be bored.

So as for my question--I have procrastinated--which I hate doing, might I add. It is not part of my vocabulary or even in my normal nature but this year was an exception.
I am planning on spending this evening doing last minute Christmas Shopping--instead of being in my p.j's, in my warm house watching a Christmas movie and wrapping the final presents--I will be out with all the other crazy last minute shoppers!

I have decided that next year I am starting in the early fall, and I will buy as I see things, instead of waiting til the last minute trying to fight with a crazy shopper who is taking that last toy I want. I am Just kidding! I would NEVER do that... Seriously! I wouldn't!
(I am not the fighting type)

--So that is a lesson learned--
Don't wait til the last minute b/c waiting until the last minute really STINKS!!!


I also wanted to tell you that since my sweet hubby is taking his vacation from Christmas Eve until New Years I am going to do the same. We have some fun family things planned during this time and as much I love writing to you all, I am going to take another blogging vacation.
I need to spend some time with the family and my hubby!!!
I am sure you understand but please don't forget about Mommy Buzz in the mean time!
Keep checking back b/c you never know if I will sneak a post in on you or do a quick 1 day giveaway between now and then. Because I do have some things to still give away!
So check back!

I will be back Monday January 4th.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I am excited that for this year I did not procrastinate and that all I have left to do is wrap a few more gifts. Merry Christmas!!

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