Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Styles of Christmas

12 Styles of Christmas
Also included is a picture for each idea! 

Which style are you?
I know I am a few of them but my favorite color scheme is the red and green!

1. White Christmas

Come home to a white Christmas. The quickest way to lighten things up is to simply replace red items with white on your decorating list. For example, out with the red poinsettia, in with the white.

And the best place to start is with decorating the tree. Wrap the tree in white feather-boa garlands (available at crafts stores), and fill in the gaps with frilly feathery plumes that create the look of an early morning frost.
Be careful, however, as white can visually flatten out a room. Add textural interest by using a wide array of materials, such as fringed and crystal ornaments, on the tree.

2.Classic Red

Tasteful, classic design readily adapts to seasonal changes. It's a great way to make holiday accessories blend into a room's decor.

3.Warm Green and White

A soothing, subtle mix of soft white and sage greens creates a holiday look that's both easy on the eyes and easy to accomplish. And it looks great throughout the winter -- most elements can stay in place until March.

4.Old Fashioned Tree

Fill your tree with holiday classics. Glass ornaments, beaded garlands, and tiny lights have a homey look that can also appear elegant and luxurious.

5.Northern Lights

The rich traditions of Scandinavian holiday celebrations have created a refined look of rich contrasts: Almost everything is a color play with white. The lines are simple and elegant to emphasize the tones.

6.Perfect in Pink

Sometimes a room's regular decorating colors or style can set the tone for its holiday style. This living room incorporated pink and white holiday trimmings that suit the room and contrast delightfully with the snowy landscape outside.

7.Simply Christmas

The look of simplicity can be the perfect starting place for a holiday decorating scheme. It's a natural for country-style homes, yet the look could easily fit into a more contemporary scheme. Keep colors, decorations, and clutter to a minimum for a style you'll treasure.

8.Glowing with Gold

Using gold in your holiday decorating makes other colors, especially greens, more vibrant. Add wreaths, ornaments, and amber-colored lights to create a warm gold tone in your home this season.

9.Joyful Color

Have some fun by creating a holiday tree using themed decorations. Stars are the stars of this holiday home, with star ornaments, paper stars, and tin stars. The scene's been punched up with bright colored ribbons and gift wrap.

10.Snowy White

Take a color scheme of mostly white and you can add most any other color for a punch of interest. This room's white is accented with green and yellow pillows. Likewise, the tree is primarily white; only the packages below show the hint of color -- also in green and yellow.

11.Red and Green 

Give a red room even more holiday style by hanging green wreaths on every window. These have the added embellishment of decorative plates hung inside each wreath circle. Wide red ribbon decorates each wreath and loops them up in varying heights.

12.Over the Top

Exhibiting a unique personality, this tree borrows from several themes. Silver platters are mixed with tiny lamps, chandeliers, teapots, picture frames, and traditional glass ornaments. As a finishing touch, feathers burst from the tree with wild abandon.


1 comment:

Jenifer said...

Well, I'm a bit of this and bit of that too.

I'm old fashioned somewhat but I like to incorporate navy and burgandy into my Christmas decorating. I like a cranberry color more than a Christmas red and I am a definite gold person...no silver here. :)

I like white lights on my tree even though growing up we had color.

Oh, and I love snowmen and gingerbread men. Puts lovely splashes of brown and blue in the decor (ok so some silver might sneak in there with the snowmen). All in all though I am very warm in my decorating and love this time of year!

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