Monday, March 1, 2010

{Good Morning March}

Not only has another weekend flown by but yet another month as well.
Good Morning March!

This past weekend I decided I was going to take my own advice (from the post I wrote called The Wedding Is Over, Now What?
I tried to simply enjoy my weekend with family and not get on the computer/ phone. Well I tried anyway. The phone is kinda hard but I did stay off the computer.
Until this morning I thought it was all working out great until I got this lovely ERROR on my computer. 
Great.... Another technical difficulty day.
But my magnificent husband walked me through some steps and it is working like a champ.
So now onto today's post--

Today I am going to share with you a Photography TIP from Open Light Studio's
If you have recently started to follow Mommy Buzz then let me explain for just a sec...

Open Light Studio's is a professional husband and wife team who give us tips each month on how to better yourself with the camera. Click Here "Bring Props" to read February's Tip.

March Tip
 Using the Sun
When you are outside with soft lighting, have your child look up at you.  The sun will light their eyes and face giving a beautiful glow.  Your child should not be looking at the sun (squinting), but at you.  If your child is looking down, their face is often in the shadow.  Another trick is to take some photos with the sun directly behind your child.  This trick will show sunbeams in your photo, or if it is dark enough, your child will be silhouetted.

Here is a picture to explain

Don't be shy--Grab your camera and give this a try!



Deborah said...

I think this tip is good but you have to be careful because you don't want a washed out or overexposed photo! BUT...really there are no true rules to Art, right :)

Krysten said...

Very true debevans. You do have to be careful!
Overexposed or washed out picture are no good...

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