Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Back to the Good Ole......Life

Well I'm back...
After a week off from blogging I am ready to get back into the groove of things. As some of you know I also took some time away from the blog to vacation with my husband. It had been way to long since our last getaway and it was much needed. I hope you can understand now as to why I chose to not let everyone  know I was gone. I wanted my kids, my sister and her family (who watched our boys for us) to be safe and not to worry about people knowing we were away. Although I wanted to write about it because I was so excited I decided to hold off until I returned. 
Hope you didn't mind! :-)

As I was preparing for this trip, that I was highly anticipating might I add, I was also nervous and already missing my boys that I hadn't even left yet. The preparations for getting the house cleaned, laundry completely done, play with the kids and give them my undivided attention while they were awake, pack, write a list for my sister about schedules and so on was time consuming. Don't get me wrong, loving and playing with my kids is NOT time consuming.....It is precious time. It was everything else that wasn't fun but I knew in the end it would all be worth it. And it WAS....

So that was reason number 1 I took time away. So I could prepare and spend time with my kids before the trip. Reason number 2 is that I was finally getting alone time with my husband and I wasn't going to let anything come between that. Those of you with children understand how rare it is to have complete quiet time with the hubs. I mean can you believe I getting excited over having a meal without food flying everywhere for once. Just kidding ---my kids don't throw food but I was looking forward to quiet relaxed meals...

My husband and I had planned to go to bed early, be completely packed, try to relax and be nice and rested for the trip. Well sleeping was a joke....Although we were packed and ready to go I think we were too ready. Can that be possible?
We both tossed and turned for at least an hour once we were in bed. I am sure you can imagine my racing thoughts that Thursday night. After all the thoughts went through my head I started to pray," Lord, I know you are in control. So please help me rest well and GO TO SLEEP." So I did finally dose off to only wake a few hours later to my 4 am alarm. Yup... That's right my friend. 4 AM. Our plane was leaving at 7:30 am on Friday morning and we had to be at the airport by 5:30. What was I thinking booking an early flight? I guess I wasn't thinking at all but with all the excitement that I had I was able to jump out of bed, get ready, and make it to the airport without any signs of sleep deprivation. 

"Whoo, What a relief..... We made it and with tons of time to spare and no problems getting through security."  Is what I whispered to my husband as we sat down outside the gate we were about to board. I remember thinking, "I am getting 4 entire days with my husband, what am I going to do with all this time?"
Well we had lots planned but more on that later.....

15 Minutest into our flight I told him I was bored.I wasn't used to lull time and now I had to site there for 2 hours with NOTHING to do. So I grabbed a book and tried to read but that didn't last long. I am not a reader and it wasn't holding my interest. At least I tried to enjoy a good book, right?
I know that sounds horrible but he was all into his book and I just wasn't into mine.
So what did I do? While my husband joyfully read. I wrote. Yup, can you believe how fast the time flew. Before you knew it we were landing. Now the fun begins....

You know what? I never told you where we were going, did I? 
Cape Cod, New England. 

I have another post planned for tomorrow with more stories and adventures of our trip. As for now we are home and I have stuff to catch up on. I must go and love on those boys that I so terribly missed and that are very excited to see me, might I add.


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