Monday, November 30, 2009

{Good Morning Mondays}

Welcome Back Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

So first off I want to tell you Thank You for those of you who have been reading the blog. I have been getting lots of e-mails and it is so encouraging to hear that you are enjoying it! 
So.... Thank You!

Second I will share with you a little bit about my Thanksgiving vacation: 
I will try and make it short! 

Tuesday night started out with us traveling back to Jacksonville, Fl. Where our home sweet home is!!
We arrived late due to the fact that we wanted the boys to actually sleep on the way so we came up with this in-genius plan. We would wait until there bed time to leave so they wouldn't fall asleep to early in the car. Well by 7 o'clock the car was loaded and we were staring at each other on the couch--thinking-- I am ready to leave now-- so we did leave a bit earlier then our plans had intended. But when we pulled into our garage in Jax, we were very thankful we had left earlier because now-- we had to unload it all--and yes... and put it all away.
We had to much to do on Wednesday so the unloading could not wait!!

So along came Wednesday. We all slept so well and certainly did not want to get up--but we did-- we had two hungry boys to feed and lots of errands to run...
We ran to the mall in search of a some last minute items and then off to the grocery store we went. 
That evening we spent a little time visiting with Gus' grandparents-- It was so nice to see them again! I couldn't believe it had been over 6 weeks since we had last seen them. 

The Big Day:

Thanksgiving day went really well. 
Hosting it was not as stressful as I thought it would be but it was definitely alot of work....
but I appreciated all the ladies who helped out in the kitchen... I would have been cleaning up for hours if it wasn't for all the help I had. 

The food was awesome and the desserts were out of this world... 

The Menu included:

Mashed potatoes
Sweet Potato Soufflé

Creamed Corn
Fresh Green Beans
Squash Casserole
Mac n Cheese
Homemade Yeast Rolls
Tea and Coffee

Sweet Potato Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
and The French Pantry Cream Cheese and Strawberry 5 layered Cake

So as we all rolled to bed from the wonderful food that had been eaten that day.... We wanted to get a good nights rest for our long day we had planned for Black Friday! 

Black Friday:
We decided that this year we were going to take our time and simply enjoy the day. We started out at the Town Center at around 10 am and didn't leave until 10 pm that night. The boys were awesome!! 
We were able to look around a little when our oldest informed us he was hungry.Which is not a surprise to us--he is always hungry. So we met up with Gus' dad and sister and enjoyed Panera for lunch....
As many of you know if you were in Jax on Friday the weather was beautiful. A bit cold at times but absolutely perfect weather for me. 

After lunch I was so excited that I was going to get to met up with an old time friend. We were able to catch up for a little bit and meet each others husbands and new arrivals (the babies, of course.) It had been years since we had last seen each other and it so good to see her again!! 
I will definitely not let as much time go by before we see each other again! 

So after that we shopped the rest of the afternoon until dinner when we met up with the Lettow's at P.F. Chang's. 
We then ventured to a few stores and left around 10 pm. 

So over all the day was not a Frenzy Friday for us!!

As you can imagine along came Saturday and all we wanted to do was relax. We invited some friends over to watch the FL/ FL St. game and just enjoyed the day... 
We will definitely have to have everyone back over soon.

We did attend church Sunday morning and then it was time to pack so we could head back to Savannah.  After a few more stops to say our goodbyes in Jax we were then on our way...We  arrived at our home away from home at around 9:15 pm in Richmond Hill, Ga. 
And guess what? You guessed it-- Now it was time to unload, unpack and start laundry. Back to our everyday routine!

(phew.. That was a long short version... I am tired just thinking about it all. )

So does anyone want to share with us 1 day from your holiday weekend? 

What did you enjoy most from your Thanksgiving?

Since I have gone on a bit to long, I will stop for now. I have lots more to share with you and some ideas I have for December but for now-- I am signing off..

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hear are some pictures of the Thanksgiving table to give you an idea as to what it looked like! 

Each person had a place setting like this one above...

I placed a candle on each end of the table


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