Monday, January 4, 2010

{Good Morning Mondays}

Welcome Back!
I trust that you all had a wonderful and blessed Holiday....
It was definitely a great one for us.

We had our newest addition joining us this year and it was certainly so much fun!
It makes for an interesting Christmas with two young boys but we wouldn't want it any other way.
I love having the little ones run around and I just beamed with joy as I watched them play together over this Christmas and New Years Holiday break.
Oh what a joy children are!!!

I will make todays post pretty short since I have a sick husband at home and little ones running around but I do have some things I certainly want to write on --so more on those later.

~But for today~
First off today--I would like to know if anyone had made any new year resolutions?!?! If so... write in and tell if you have and what your resolution is.

Second--I have a picture for you.....

Remember back when I gave you pictures of those ornament wreaths, well I have a picture for you of the one I made.

And third--I went the night before Christmas Eve to get a trim and came home with pretty short hair. Well for me it was short. I have had shorter hair before but it was not what I had my mind set on at the time. So I would like to know from you all if it is a keeper or should I grow it out?
I do need to go back and get it fixed b/c it is longer on one side then another and it needs to be stacked more in the back but let me know what you think...

Of course this is the only one I could find--and it is of me getting the appetizers ready for Christmas Eve with my side of the family.
Always in the kitchen :-)

I hope to hear back as to what you all think and also to see if you made any new years resolutions....

Have a great Monday!



Jenifer said...

Yay! I was just thinking about having not seen how your wreath turned out. It looks very nice! How was it putting it together?

BOWquet said...

The wreath is beautiful!!!
and your hair is gorgeous! I would keep it! :)

BrittanyHedrick said...

I love your hair short- I think it looks great.. I would grow it out just a little bit and angle it- :) The wreath on the other hand is SO CUTE! I saw it up close and you really did a great job. The ribbon really made the wreath!

pink coffee photoart said...

LOVE your hair and that wreath ROCKS!

gusandkrysten said...

Jennifer- It wasn't that bad putting it together.I actually did it with my oldest son. He had a great time and it was not hard at all...You should give one a try next year!!

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