Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part III- Photography Tips


Today I will finish up with the last of the 10 tips I had for you on taking good photos. I will be back with more once I compile another list for you. Don't forget you can do this with a normal camera or a DSLR.
It sometimes scares poeple away because they think they can't to the same thing if they don't have an expensive camera. And that is so not true!!!
Play around with the camera you have and don't be scared to take it off Auto mode.

So lets get started with the last 4 tips:

1. Move it from the middle
Now, what do I mean by that, right?
Bring your subject to life by simply placing your subject off-centered
*Note: Imagine a tic-tac-toe grid in your viewfinder.
Now place the subject at one of the intersecting lines.
Also, since most cameras focus on whatever is on the middle, remember to lock the focus on your subject before re-framing the shot

Here are some examples:
This is a rule of 3rd chart. See the grey circles? That is where you want to have your subject. 
Such as the pic below

The raft is in the bottom left third

Another example

Here are two examples using people:

Putting the face in above left intersection creates a balanced, dynamic look
The model is Kimberly Kane '08, Bucknell University-taken by Radiant Light Photography

Example of Rule of Third applied in portrait orientation
The model is Jason Burrsma '08, Bucknell University.

Taken by Radiant Light Photography
2. Know your flash range
Did you know flash on cameras has a range?
They do and it is normally between 10-12 feet depending on your camera.
Pictures taken beyond the maximum flash range will be to dark.
I don't really have a picture to show you for this tip

3. Watch the Light
Great light makes great pictures but bad light makes bad pictures.

For the most part you want to choose light that is soft, such as days that are cloudy, or during sun-up or sun-down. If you have to take pictures using harsh light then use it to your advantage.

Here are two big contrast:
I took these pictures so I am being really critical with them.

This picture has harsh light, and bad shadowing (although it is taken using the 3rd rule)
The lighting on this picture is working b/c the face doesn't have harsh lighting, or bad shadows.

4. Be a Picture Director
Most of the time when you are taking a picture of someone they aren't going to know how to stand, sit, lay, etc for your picture. Be creative and come up with ways to help really tell a story with your picture.
Add some props, re-arrange your subject, or try a different viewpoint.

Such as this for example:
This picture is dull, so whats missing?
The girls are just standing there together. So try this...


Get a group of them together, move to a different angle and make the picture really tell a story, have fun with it!
Do you see the difference?

I hope you enjoyed these tips. I will hopefully have more for you later down the road. If you have any questions write me or comment..


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