Monday, January 18, 2010

{Good Morning Mondays}

Today is Monday and my weekend went by to fast. Why is it when I have tons of things planned time flies by and I don't get everything done but when I have nothing going on, it goes by slowly?

We ran around most of the weekend looking for a new bed and mattress. While up in Savannah we slept on a King mattress and we got really used to it.
Then when we would come home on weekends or when we moved back in December we realized the bed we had wasn't going to work for us anymore.
What were we thinking sleeping on a Queen bed with a 6 ft 2 inch husband all these years?
I guess we didn't know what we were missing until now...

We did find something and we are having it delivered this week and I am very excited about getting a good nights sleep--finally!!!

Also, My hubby and I finally got to go on a date for the first time in a year. And I am serious-- It has been a year. We have had a chance to go with the baby and leave our oldest a number of times but since our youngest is so attached I haven't been able to leave him.
So my sweet sister came over on Friday night and watch both of our boys and of course hers as well. She was a busy girl and certainly had her hands full with 4 children between the ages of 6 months- 3 years old.
We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at P. F. Chang's and then went to a movie.
Which we decided we wouldn't do again for a long time. We would much rather be comfortable at home to watch a movie from now on.
But overall it was a marvelous night and way overdue.
We will have to do again much sooner!!

I feel like the boys are coming down with a cold (please Lord let it just be runny noses) and I have tons of things planned today.

So I am going to take a deep breath and get to work!!

 I will write more later....
Have a great day and if you get a chance today then share with me how your Monday is going.
Mine is going to busy, busy.......


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