Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Part II - Photo Tips

Photography Tips Part II

Did everyone get a chance to try any of the tips this past week?
What did you think?
Well I have 3 more for you this week...

1. Move in Close
To create impactful pictures, move in close and fill your pictures with the subject.
Move a few steps closer or use the zoom until the subject fills the viewfinder.
You will eliminate background distractions and show off the details of your subject.
For small objects, use the camera's macro or 'flower' mode to get sharp close-ups.


The close up


2. Take Some Vertical Pictures
Some pictures look better vertically
Make a conscience effort to turn your camera and take vertical pictures.
Here is a vertical option.


3. Lock the focus to create a sharp picture of off-center subjects
A. Find your subject and lock in on the area you want to focus on
B.Press the shutter button half way down.
C.Re-frame your picture (while still holding the shutter button.)
D. Finish by pressing the shutter button all the way.

For this one I focused on the center of the rose


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