Tuesday, January 12, 2010

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How To Effectively Use Your Space

With budgets being tight these days for most people I thought this would be a great subject to write on. Aren't we always wanting to know how to better use the space we have?

So when I saw this picture it confirmed my thoughts.... I am going to share with you how to use your space effectively. 

When you look at your room and wonder how you will get anything else in the space then ask yourself this: "Do I have insufficient storage space or ineffective storage space?" 
Here is the difference:
Insufficient storage means you don't have enough space for your things. Ineffective space means you have enough space for your things, but you're not making the best use of that space. 

So before you begin reading the ideas below determine this first:
Do you have things you don't like, are outdated, etc., and need to get rid of or Are you storing things you enjoy, will use, and like.

Some Easy Ideas

1. ADD-A-ROD. Looking for extra storage space in your closet. If you have the type of closet with two+ walls for hanging clothes, on one wall, hang a rod at head height for long clothing (dresses, pants, etc.). On the other wall, hang two rods--one above the other--for shorter clothing (shirts, skirts, blazers, etc.)
In  my children's room I added a shelf for shoes and then to hang pants and shirts that can be reached.

2. INSTALL SHELVES. Most shelves can be moved up-a-notch or down-a-notch. If you have three inches of space above your linens, you may consider adjusting the shelf so the shelf below it has more space. Or, perhaps you can add another shelf in between. Plastic, multiple level shelves are wonderful for kitchen cabinets. 
3.USE STORAGE UNITS. Storage units, which can be picked up from housewares or hardware stores, and are great space savers. Your spices can be removed from drawers and placed on a spice rack. There are racks for canned goods. Some of these hold over 40 cans! There are coffee tables on the market with storage space hidden inside them as well. Under bed containers are perfect for storing quilts and linens. Be creative and make use of these great tools! 
4. DON'T FORGET ABOUT WALL SPACE. Look around and you're sure to find quite a bit of empty wall space. There are many uses for this new-found space.This is great for office items.Tools can be placed on pegboards. Shelves can be installed for picture frames and knick knacks. 
5. PUT FREQUENTLY USED ITEMS WITHIN ARMS REACH. Whenever possible, store regularly used items where you use them most. You shouldn't have to walk from one room to another to retrieve items you use every day.  
6. ADD-A-DRAWER OR SLIDING SHELF. Many hardware and housewares stores carry drawers that can be installed underneath a cabinet. These are great if you have a home with limited drawer space. In addition, you can also install shelves under cabinets that slide out when you need them, and slide back in when you're finished with them. 
7. KEEP YOUR DESK CLEAR. A clear desk is directly related to your productivity. You will get more done, if you're not constantly under a pile of papers and files. Make sure you have a filing cabinet for any home or office. Portable file boxes that hold hanging file folders also come in handy and can be stored easily in the closet. 
 8.REARRANGE. Everyone is different, and has different needs. Make your home or office work for you. 
If you have a space you love but aren't happy with the way you have your furniture then try rearranging to where it better fits your need. So think about your surroundings and make them work for you, even if they seem a little out of the ordinary. 
9. ROTATE. You may have many items you love in your home or office, but not enough space. Rotate them. Put some of the things you like the most out and storage the others, then switch after a few months.

So think outside the normal for you to create the best space possible.

I found this 1-9 chart idea here



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