Monday, February 1, 2010

{Good Morning Mondays}

As many of you read on Friday I had my youngest son's birthday party on Saturday.
And yes...I did make his cake.
I know it was a big question for me last week...
So this morning I am happy to share with you that Tucker's birthday went well. It was so much fun and I am so excited to share with you bits and pieces of his big day.

I do want to take a second and thank my sister for coming over on Friday to help me knead and roll out the fondant. She was an amazing help and I appreciate her so much!
Thank you sis.

Now you ask-- what is fondant?
Fondant is a smooth, almost flawless icing seen on many traditional wedding cakes. Depending on the type of fondant, it can be rolled and draped over a cake or poured over a cake as a liquid. 
Is it easy? 
Will I do it again??

So lets get started with all the pictures, shall we?
These are pictures of the cake and cookies that were served at the party. 

First off, I started with a Strawberry cake and cream cheese icing. This cake is going to be covered so it doesn't have to look great. It is the taste that matters, right?
The next step is to color and roll the fondant out
It looks like play-do. But I promise it isn't!
Then once the fondant is rolled out you place it on the cake

My sister and I rolled all the balls that were on the cake and these are the two colors I chose: Blue and Green.

Once the first layer had fondant on it, we then rolled out the next color so we could place the fondant on the second layer. As you can see there is some icing poking out of the bottom and it isn't quite flat yet. But don't worry, it will get covered.
Then we colored and rolled gum paste and cut circles to put on the cake. 
Here is the back side of the cake.
Last, I added Tucker's name and a number 1 at the top of the cake.
Here is the finished product. 

Now for Tucker's (Own) cake. This is the cake he dug into and slung all over the place... Literally :-)

I did pick off the polka dots so Tucker didn't eat them...Just in case you were wondering!

Here are the cookies that were given as each person left the party. 
They were so yummy...
I packaged them in a lime green bag to go with the color theme

 I know it sounds really easy but it is harder and more time consuming then you would think to make a cake like the one above. 
If I was to buy this cake from a bakery it would have cost at least $149. So I saved lots of money by making it myself.
Well that is it for today-- Ya'll have a great rest of the day!



debevans said...

GREAT job!!!

Creative Minds said...

That cake look super cute! Good Job!

BOWquet said...

such a cute cake!!!! :)

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