Monday, February 22, 2010

Let's Take a Poll

Here are some fun questions I would like for you to answer. You may not have a chance to respond back but as you read them, answer the question. 
It is pretty interesting and if you get longer then a second, comment back with your answers.
Even if your not a mom then you could answer what you think you would do if you were a mom....
It's funny to see how things change when we actually have a child!
You will find my answers on the bottom

  1. Has your baby/child rolled of anything without you catching them?
  2. Have you forgotten to buckle your child's car seat?
  3. If you work from home, how much do you actually get done?
  4. Do you ever leave a poopy diaper for someone else? AKA husband?
  5. How often does your family eat together?
  6. Do you serve your kids food on plastic plates sometimes to avoid doing dishes?
  7. Have you take a vacation without your kids?
  8. Do you bathe or shower less now that your a mom?
  9. Does your child watch TV shows/movies with you?
  10. Do you lock your bedroom door at night?
  11. Do you hide in the bathroom to get peace and quiet?
  12. When is an outfit dirty? First wear, if it has food on it, if it stinks, etc.
  13. Do you always wash new clothes before you put them on your baby?
  14. Will you feed your child meat?
  15. Does your child follow you to the potty?
My Answers:
  1. Maybe the couch...I can't remember
  2. Yes, only as my oldest has gotten older have I forgotten to finish buckling him in.
  3. Don't work from home. But if I did I would get nothing done
  4. Yes, Only as they get older
  5. Every night
  6. Sometimes
  7. Only with the first child. I haven't had one since the second was born 
  8. Sometimes
  9. No
  10. No
  11. No 
  12. When there is something on it or if it has a smell, I know that sounds gross but they can wear it and not get it dirty.
  13. Yes, In most circumstances
  14. My oldest-- yes only chicken/turkey, my youngest -not yet
  15. Yes, that is why I don't get peace and quiet by hiding in the bathroom. :-)


1 comment:

BrittanyHedrick said...

hahahahaha!! That's funny.. (talking about the last question and answer.. Yes, They ALWAYS follow you to the bathroom! They observe everything!

.. funny story, just the other day my 21 month old son kept saying "potty" "potty". Well, he has done this before,and it was a false alarm. He only said it AFTER he saw me go potty. This time was different- He couldn't figure out his diaper so he pulled his pants to his ankles and just pulled the diaper where his little butt cheeks were showing.. haha made me laugh.. He got my attention!
Maybe it's time to potty train.

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