Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tell All Tuesday

Let's face it- we have all had our share of embarrassing moments. But sometimes it is funny and then other times it isn't. When you have children they are sure to embarrass you and there is NEVER a dull moment!

Yesterday was a beautiful day and after lunch I took the boys outside to play. We walked around the yard, played ball, went for a walk, and then decided to go to the park. Now the park is at the end of our street so it isn't to far to walk too but it is far enough where if you have to get home quick your out of luck!

So we are happily playing at the park and then all the sudden Ethan yells, " I have to go poo-poo." 
Then I asked, "Can you hold it and mommy will run you home?" I was thinking that I was about to do a mad dash home but instead my poor child couldn't hold it. 

I found myself telling him to quickly find a bush over in the woods and I grabbed Tucker up and headed that way. Thankfully it was a quick one but when he was done we headed home for a bath and a fresh change of clothes.

I did catch myself looking around to make sure no one saw us and I pray that no one did. 
 Can you believe I am writing about this?? I can't.... I am laughing at myself right now for telling you this story. 
But we did make it home and everything was fine.

So lesson learned--Ask your child if they have to go potty before you head to the park...


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