Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So Serene

Isn't this room a doll. I really like this look for a guest bedroom although it is really a master bedroom. I have been thinking about some different designs lately and want to share with you some room ideas. They will all be different because I have different kinds of taste for decorating, meaning, if I had a bunch of rooms to decorate I would do them all differently. Some would be chic, sophisticated, romantic, warm and fuzzy, modern, etc. You get the idea.
I think this master bedroom or guest room exudes a calming and serene quality.
The light turquoise walls, shiny blue bedside Parson’s tables and patterned pillow gives the room a layered look. Color doesn't have to be loud to make a statement. If you want to add color to a room then don't be scared. Add in your color with your fabrics, wall paint, and accessories.
You don't have to spend tons of $$ to get this look but you do want to enjoy the rooms that you live in.
This room has a simple fabric covered headboard that you could easily make yourself. Some bedside tables that you could find at a garage sale, wood shop, etc and paint. And the list goes on.
If you want specific ideas comment, e-mail me or join my community where I can chat with you about it.


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Sonora said...

I love this room. It is very serene. I will going have to come by your community a little later to ask you a question. We are getting ready to paint our living room and haven't been able to decide on a color.

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