Tuesday, February 16, 2010

{Tell All Tuesday}

"What Not To Wear"
My first reaction after reading this post was to delete it and start over but I decided to post it (obviously because you are reading it) but I hope to encourage some of you with this post.

We all have those pictures from the past that we look back at and wonder "What was I thinking";" What in the world was I doing with my hair"; " Why did I leave the house with that on"? 

Trends are fun at the time, but can later come back to haunt us. Think back a little bit (since most of us aren't that old) to a trend that we thought was cute but looking back wasn't so cute...
When I started thinking about the stuff I have that I am never going to wear again, I decided I was officially going to spring clean early. Well, my closets and drawers that is...

Join me this week and get rid of your old clothes. Don't keep your drawers/closets full of things you are not going to wear anymore.
Also, you can make some money by doing this!
Here's How:
Fi Fi's (which is a women's consignment store in Jacksonville) will except your lightly worn clothes, shoes, purses, etc and in return will pay you a percentage of the items they sell. 
Round Robin is another place that does the same thing but since I have never worked with (Round Robin) before I would recommend calling them to find out the details.
If you live somewhere other then Jacksonville check your local womens consignment stores to find out what season of clothes they are excepting and drop your items off with them.

 Let's get a jump start on that spring cleaning and start with our drawers and closets. It will make you feel pounds lighter, I promise!


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