Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mommy Buzz

Welcome to Mommy Buzz...


So I have decided to start something called, "Mommy Buzz ." You will find it at This Site. This is going to be for all wives, moms,wives-to-be, and moms to-be. I have with-in the last two years been asked by numerous people all kinds of questions regarding these topics and decided that I would start a go to "blog" discussion board.
I know you are wondering " what is she talking about?" hang in there with me a minute and I promise I will get to what this is ALL about. I am excited to actually put it into writing and have other ladies share their questions, concerns, and ideas as well.
I know we are all very busy and don't have lots of extra time on our hands BUT as moms and wives we need that extra encouragement, idea, advice, etc. So we don't have to wear our poor husbands out with all this stuff.
I know we have great husbands and they are probably the person who you would go to (besides your mom, sister, or close friend) to confide in. But Ladies... let me remind you, our husbands work hard and are indeed human, they don't always have the answers about what they want for dinner, how to deal with a crying baby, when I should change the babies schedule? how will I decorate this?etc.  I can imagine, maybe, one of the first things that happens when your husband comes in the door is he either gets bombarded by children running to them screaming, "daddy's home" (which don't get me wrong, is cute and very sweet...) or they get handed a crying baby, or you immediately start saying, "Guess what happened today?" and on and on you go... Talking to him aimlessly b/c you have been with your sweet children all day and actually want an adult conversation to occur...
Okay.. So on the other hand you may be an experienced mother and wife who has it all figured out (or maybe not)and knows all the ins and outs of getting everything done in the short 24 hour time span, and have time to actually eat, sleep, and shower...Then your perfect for this blog... Post your advice.

So, I say all this to say...We are moms and wives who are commanded to put our Lord and Savior first, then our husband, and then our children. Being a wife and mother is a difficult task but God would not have given us this magnificent role if he didn't think we were capable and could handle the challenge.

Now that I have rambled on a bit too long, let me tell you what this is about...You will need to take part in this to reap the full benefits. So here is how it is going to go:
I will be posting all kinds of post that are going to include numerous topic from the list below and will occasionally have a post from an experienced mother or wife who has written to me or a guest writer. I hope that these will find somewhat of an interest to you. I would also like to post recipes or meal ideas to help those of us who sometimes get stuck in a rut with making and buying the same old stuff. If you don't see topics that are of interest hang in with us b/c not everything is listed. Please send me comments of topics that you would be interested in reading or things you want to know or need help with. 

So here is how you can get involved.
1. Post a comment you might have, ask questions, give some feedback for that topic, or post what you would like to see in the upcoming post.
2. Send girlfriends, wives, moms, sisters, or anyone you can this way... The more participation the better...and that is it....

Thanks for your time and don't forget to check out the following topics:
Remember these are very broad categories and lots more stuff will be discussed!

*Working Moms
*How to stop those bad habits
*Recalls or Health Alerts
*Style, Fashion, and Beauty
*How to get organized
*Every day advice for moms
*The Family Kitchen- "food recipes" and ideas for dinner, desserts, parties, gatherings, holidays, finger foods, healthy snacks, etc.
*Cake Decorating
*Crazy sayings!
* Overall Parenting:
Questions and Answers as to How to deal with:
Newborns, Toddlers, Young children, pregnancy, vaccine updates, general health and medicine questions,
* Stuff we would love to do but don't always have time for:
Hobbies and Crafts, Interior Design-Home and Garden,
*Diet, Health, and Exercise
*Wedding... Ideas and places to get things
*Miscellaneous and Many more topics!!!!

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