Monday, October 19, 2009

Where have I been??

I know for those of you who follow the blog you are probably wondering why I haven't written anything in a week... Right??

Well my sister got married this past Thursday night. I was planning on posting that I will be away for a few days but things got so busy that I never once got on my computer throughout the entire week.

I am glad that we were able to help and be apart of that important day!  But very glad it is over... Weddings are tons of work!!

Well I am planning on posting some of my thoughts on the 3 books that were recommended a couple weeks back.. I was able to read to about chapter 2 or 3 in all of them, and if you haven't read to that point, then you still have time to catch up so you can post your comments or questions! So go grab the books and start reading.

Stay Tuned Everyone!

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