Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Trends: "Style"

 Fall Trends

A few weeks back I went shopping in search for some more short sleeve casual everyday shirts and casual Capri's. I was very disappointed when every store I went into already had there winter clothes out. I was so upset and was thinking to myself as well as telling my husband very loudly as I walked through the store, "why are they already putting this stuff out, It HOT outside." Now, I for one will not go into a store that has the air on 90 and be in the mood to buy or try on a sweater. What are they thinking? Turn the air down in the store if you want people to buy the winter items during 90 degree weather. Right? Wouldn't that be the best way to sell the stuff in Florida? Now I can say this b/c I worked in retail for 4 1/2 years and I know it isn't as simple as answering these questions, or is it?
So as you can tell that is a pet peeve of mine. You are probably wondering what happened, right? Well that particular day I went home but I did go back a few days later to some other stores and was very happy when I finally came across stores cool enough to try the winter sweaters on.
So when this cooler weather came I started thinking about writing on the Fall Color Trends.
Here is a few ideas to get you started, but I promise I will be back with more ideas.

Neutral and Grey's Are In
Warm it up with scrumptious Grey's, Fabulous Neutrals,Warm Browns, and Chic Charcoals.
Add a splash of color, Find a perfect pant, Get that casual Jacket, Find a bold necklace and you will be ready to go.
Nail Polish
Find one or all of these nail colors: Gorgeous Garnet, Majestic Amethyst, Pretty Emerald, Smoky Quartz, or Ruby Red

Here are a few ideas for those of you who do better with visual:


Tips to Flatter Every Shape

Want to look thinner, taller, curvier, or smaller? No matter what your body type, it's possible! Read on for ten easy clothing solutions that flatter your shape.
1. Flatten a tummy with side-zips. Pants and skirts that zip and button in front add bulk that you don't need. The flat front of side-zip bottoms gives your belly a sleeker look.
2. Go monochromatic. A one-color-head-to-toe look is super-slimming -- and that color doesn't have to be black! Cream, charcoal, caramel, and khaki all work just as well, especially for hourglass and full-figured shapes.
3. Create a bust line. Or at least the illusion of one! If you're small chested, try a top with seams at the bust or shirring front and center. Both add interest to your top half.
4. Skip tapered trousers (unless you're very thin). Pants that taper down to the ankle are hard to pull off, especially if you have ample thighs or hips. Instead, go for straight- or wide-leg pants.
5. Add a skirt with swing. One cut in an A-line shape works well for pear-shaped bodies, as it flares over hips, thighs, and saddlebags. Go knee-length or just below the knee to look current.

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