Thursday, October 29, 2009

{A Clean Refrigerator! }

A Clean Refrigerator!

Doesn't it feel great when you open the refrigerator door and it looks amazing inside? You realize that now you can find everything--or maybe not...--now that your frig is actually clean you don't know where anything is.
 Well a  good clean up on the inside of your frig never hurt any of us.

Personally, I love for my frig to be clean and organized. As I was cleaning mine out today I thought of you all. I was wondering how many of you-- love to clean-- your frig out?
Also, Do you-- ever-- clean your frig?
I try to keep mine clean from spills and stickiness daily but weekly I take everything out and toss the old stuff. I can't stand for old food or expired stuff to be laying around in my pantry or frig.
Is this just me or are you the same?

So ladies, my advice today is short and sweet...Get to cleaning and clean out your frig. Maybe even try to tackle the pantry. Get the old stuff out so you can realize what you actual have that can be eaten.

Even if--Yes... I am saying even if-- you do not like to least get the germs out of the frig.

Good Luck and Happy Cleaning!

Mommy Buzz


ap5 said...

I looooove having a clean fridge too! I can't stand when it gets disorganized in there and I can't tell what I have! Plus, you're right, germs and yucky stuff can build up pretty quick. Allen (and my whole family) make fun of me (in a nice way of course :) because I usually won't touch or eat anything with an expired date!!!

gusandkrysten said...

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one!! ;=)

Ashlee Davis said...

I clean my fridge out before i go to the gorcery store, helps me to keep in clean and under control but also reminds me of anything i need to buy.

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