Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Decor

Fall Decor!

I thought the best way to show you some ideas would be through pictures. You might want to dress up your home for fall with simple leaf wreaths or table centerpieces to full blown house decorations. I decided to show you some ideas of things that would be easy to make and create in your home and also show you things that if your not a crafty person you could out and buy.

Since I my family and I are going to a pumpkin patch this Saturday,  pumpkin is on my mind. Can you tell?

 This is a simple way to dress up the fireplace. I know in Savannah the leaves are already changing and falling on the ground. Get you some leaves, a glue gun, and candles and you could even make your own.

 Above: Get you some orange candles, a pumpkin, and fill it with whatever you desire (they have leaves, but you could do food, or flowers, etc) and napkins to decorate your table at home. Below: You could make a small version of this outside your front door or on a table as a centerpiece. I know I have found some that aren't real and then you can use them for years to come as decoration around your house.

Above and Below:Now this is a simple way of putting a type of decoration runner down your table
 Below:A Simple way to dress up the front door, Just find a simple leaf wreath

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