Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beaches and Lighthouses

So I think I am getting close to being done with showing you some pictures from our trip. I know your thinking--few-- this is not a few but I can't narrow them down very well--as you can see. I have one last post tomorrow with food and shopping pictures to show you. After that I think I will be done but for today here are pictures from the beaches and lighthouses we visited.

This is the first beach we attempted to walk on. Due to them working on the ramp and stairs down to the beach they had the beach access closed off. This is one of the thirteen lighthouses on the Cape.

This is Gus--as if you couldn't guess--just gazing out on the beauty and calmness of the morning water.
This next beach was in my opinion the prettiest beach of them all. It was in Truro,on the Harbor side. The water was absolutely gorgeous and the weather was perfect. 

This is almost the same picture as up top but I had to show you the clearness of the water. To bad it was 60 degrees or else I would have gone swimming. It looked so refreshing though!
I know its grainy and not great but it's a picture of us. I think we only have 3 from the entire trip of us both in it.
This next lighthouse is the Chatham lighthouse and beach. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. It was pretty chilly this particular morning and we had planned to come back to walk once it warmed up more but this weird fog came rolling in not even 15 minutes later and it lasted til the next day.
This next set of pictures is from Quissett Harbor in Falmouth. The Knob which is the second picture overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. This is a place that as we were there the fog rolled in. You can see how the weather changed from picture to picture.
On our way to the Knob we saw some different types of boats and also got to see first hand how they catch fresh clams.
And last but not least the 1.5 mile trail through the woods to the Knob. 

Previous two post on our Cape Cod, New England trip is found here: A Lovely Walk or Back to the Good Ole...Life


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