Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Lovely Walk

Today's post is a pick up from yesterdays Back to the good ole...Life. Basically I will show you pictures and  tell you short versions of mine and my hubby's vacation from this past weekend.

So onto our trip. 
Our trip was from Friday Morning April 30th-Monday Night May 3rd. We visited all of Cape Cod and some of Boston. It was neat visiting all the little towns and seeing what each of them had to offered but we did cover alot of ground in that short time. Some of the towns were established as early as the 1600's. Which was really interesting to see.
Here are some pictures to go along with our trip....Well alot of pictures. I will post in parts each day so I don't overload you with them all.

We stayed at a place called Captains House Inn. It was located a few blocks from the ocean on 2 acres in Chatham, New England. It was absolutely gorgeous, romantic, peaceful, and the service and breakfast was always excellent. Each morning the chef/owner/innkeeper made an outstanding breakfast, each afternoon they served tea, and in the evening they had cookies, tea, and coffee. The Inn didn't serve lunch or dinner so we found restaurants with amazing food each day.
This is the Main house(where we stayed.) They also have a Carriage House, Captains Cottage, and Stables for a total of 16 rooms and suites.
These are pictures of our room and bathroom. We had a small staircase that lead right to our door (seen at the top right) and the main staircase was down the hall.
Pictures of the Inn
Sitting Room
Kitchen and Butlers Pantry
The Garden and more of the property
Our attempt of getting a picture of the two of us

A Lovely Walk
These are lovely homes we saw while on our walk in the neighborhood of our Inn.

As I continue to look through my pictures I have so many to share with you. I will have another post tomorrow of the beaches and shopping photos I took.


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