Thursday, May 13, 2010

Got Plans?

Do you have any big plans this weekend, or are you just staying around the house? Share what your most looking forward to about this weekend.

I guess if I ask a question I should respond to it occasionally, huh? 
My Weekend Ahead
Friday-Tomorrow- is my husbands birthday. He will be 31.  I know--it's been a year since he was "over the hill." We are planning a dinner with some friends on Friday night and then enjoying the early part of Saturday as a family. Probably swimming in the pool or doing something active. With having boys you must be outside everyday if possible. I think it is in there blood. So the plan is to wear them out so they will be really good for Gus on Saturday evening.

 What am I doing on Saturday and why am I leaving the kids and hubs??
Well a few weeks back some of the girls in my Sunday School class decided that the class needed to have a girls night out. Who doesn't need one of these, right? So they planned and schemed on how we could all leave our children with the hubby's and they have done a great job. Although we will have to repay them with a guys night out here in a few weeks. I think sometime around Father's Day. How fitting, right? Well even the men need some manly time. 
I am looking forward to the afternoon and evening with the girls.
As of now the plan is to head down to St. Augustine from about 4:30-11 and I think we are eating at the Columbia Restaurant. After that I am not sure what the plan is but I know we will have an enjoyable time. 
Now if you know me, you know I am not going to leave my poor husband to fend for himself completely. I am planning on leaving him with a somewhat ready dinner. If you have boys you know that they love to eat and that they are always hungry, so the only way to make sure they eat well is to cook it myself. Actually that's not entirely true though for my husband. He loves to cook and is pretty good at it, if I might say so myself.  Although he may insist on adding a personal touch to it by making the meat or something himself. I guess the boys can bond out by the grill. Isn't that where they always congregate anyway?
Now that I am just rambling on I should probably end this post for now. I'm sure each of you have some kind of plan for the weekend, even if it is working around the house. Have fun and enjoy....


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