Monday, May 17, 2010

{Good Morning Monday}

Well it is a rainy wet Monday in Florida. Looks like it is going to rain all day. 
It was kinda funny when I went into my oldest sons room this morning he kinda wined to me, "Mommy, look out the window, it's raining and now I can't play in my pool today. I wanted to play in my pool today." I simply told him we could still have fun in the house playing with games, coloring, playing with dinosaurs, etc. He said, "ok." 
I guess that answer made him happy and he wasn't worried about not being able to swim anymore. 
What simple things make them happy, right?

So this past weekend was great. We did have some change of plans on Friday but they ended up working out great. My two boys spent Friday and all day Saturday with their Grandpa and Granny (Gus' parents.) Granny came to get them about 4 on Friday and they were gone until Saturday around 8 pm. So Gus and I were able to get a nice little break and spend more time then we had expected together on Saturday.

Friday nights dinner was great but who doesn't enjoy a meal from Maggiano's every now and then? Gus did surprise me with his choice on dinner and we ended up sharing the Riggatoni "D" pasta dish with the Zucchini appetizer. It was excellent. We enjoyed our friends that were able to come and had a wonderful time all together. Afterwards the boys went to Dicks Sporting Goods and the girls headed to Kilwin's and Yoga-berry for dessert. Yummo!
Yes, even after all that food I managed to save room for dessert. I always do!

We decided not to see the movie because we would have had to see a really late showing and we were not up for that. I would rather watch it in the comfort of our home anyway. So as for now we will wait. If anyone saw it this past weekend comment and let me know how it was. It is the Robin Hood movie that I mentioned in my Thursday and Friday post.

Saturday Gus and I got to sleep in. Waahoo...
Although he still had to do the yard and I had to get the house ready for a showing all before noon we didn't stay in bed as late as we wanted but it was still nice. I don't think we can really sleep in anyways, our bodies have gotten so accustomed to getting up by a certain time the we practically fight our body to go back to sleep. After working in the house and yard we got ready and ended up at Biscotti's for lunch. After lunch we spent the afternoon running errands and ended home in just enough time for me to change and head out to my girls night. 
I am sure Gus was excited about his relaxing evening ahead and although it didn't turn out just like he had planned he still managed to enjoy his evening.

The girls night out was lots of fun. I think we can all say we had a wonderful fun filled evening. We did end up at the The Columbia for dinner and then at Kilwin's for dessert. I know, I did some serious damage with my sweets this weekend but it was all worth it. 
If you haven't guessed I had a candied apple. Which I will only eat from Kilwin's. Mine was a caramel white chocolate cinnamon dipped apple. Yummy goodness...

Sunday was church and then Sunday afternoon we had another house showing. The third one for the weekend. Which is actually a low number for us but hey--at least people are looking.
During that showing we went for a walk on the trail and swam in our neighborhood pool afterwards to cool off. We ended the night grilling out and enjoyed watching our boys play together before bed.

Wooo.... What a weekend. We did stay busy but it was so much fun! 
Hope you had a great weekend as well. If you get the chance, share with us what you did. I love to read all your comments! Have a great Monday and if you live near me, stay dry.


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