Friday, May 14, 2010

A Special Day

Happy Birthday to My Husband........
Today he is 31. He makes me so proud. I sound like a mom but honestly I am his #1 fan.
Yesterday I told you we were heading to dinner tonight and we are. We have reservations at Maggiano's and I already know what he is going to order, the Pesto Pasta dish. Although he may surprise me and have something else due to the fact that last night I cooked him his birthday dinner request. Ribs (taken from our Prime Rib on Sunday), pesto pasta (completely homemade), and veggies. Let me just tell you, I am no griller. I will leave that to him from now on.  The meat was chard (I felt so bad) it just cooked faster then I thought. So Sorry!
He also wants to see the new Robin Hood Movie, which is coming out today. Can you say...PACKED...Yup, I am pretty sure it is going to be packed. So I may have to take him in a few weeks. You know--once the crowd dies down--I'll let you know on Monday what the final decisions was.

I am more in love with him today then when we got married. I didn't think it was possible. How can someone love someone more then when they get married? But they can. The longer your together, the more stuff you go through together, the deeper your love grows. I know this sounds mushy and all but it's the truth. I do think he is a wonderful Father and amazing Husband. What can I say?
Happy Birthday Gus!
I Love you!

Happy Birthday Daddy....This is the card Ethan made Gus last night. He gave it to him with our early family birthday dinner. 


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