Friday, May 7, 2010

The End.

Woohoo....This is the LAST post on our trip. I am sure you are all saying, "It is about time." 
I tend to ramble and show way more pictures then what people are interested in, so I decided that today will be the last post on our trip. I also won't bore you with all the little details of our really good dinners. I am sure you are thanking me right now.
This was a little bookstore/restaurant that we stopped at while on our drive through the Cape. The food was average but every other meal we had while on our trip was amazing so I guess one dish could be average. I wish I would have taken pictures of our favorite meals but I am sad to say I didn't.

My Turkey wrap with Fries.
Gus' Buffalo Chicken Quesadilla.

(Above) The bookstore/restaurant.
This is the cute store (above) I bought this book at. Which I will be sharing some recipes and pictures with you for sure....
 These are little stores on the main street in Chatham.
Aren't they adorable. I wish our stores looked like this.(above)
The library
These are more stores on the main strip. We parked and walked all these little shops. It was a really nice morning.
I love the all wood walls and ceiling.
This restaurant was our favorite of them all. It was a Tuscan style restaurant and we both enjoyed homemade pasta dishes and a dessert from this place. The owner/chef and his wife ran the restaurant as well as made all the food from scratch. It was just a perfect little romantic place to end our last night.
  This was an interesting meal served at our Inn for breakfast on the last morning we were there. It was french toast but it was made different then I have ever seen before. This was actually a picture of Gus' meal b/c I don't eat ham and he loves it!
 Ames Plow was a place we ate at while in Boston. I had a hankering for Pizza and so that is what we got.
This might be deceiving with looks but the taste was--well--I think the best pizza I have had in a long time, so this last piece didn't last long.
 Oh and I can't forget to show you what we got around in for 4 days.

The End


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