Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Registering

As I was thinking about all the friends and family that are pregnant right now I couldn't believe how many of them are going to be first time parents. It is such an exciting time but can be very overwhelming. I remember the day my husband and I went to Babies R Us to register and all those feelings started to come back to me.Wow! There is so much to think about and so many decisions to make. I wish I would have had someone who could have helped us go through the store and tell me what was really important to have and what wasn't important. We ended up doing a pretty good job though. But for some it won't be as easy. Even though some things vary from baby to baby and mom to mom there are the standard things that stay the same. Registering for your first baby can be extremely difficult/tiring. Even if you register for everything on "the list" there are going to be some things you won't need or use.

I hear it every time a soon to be mom walks out of the store from registering, they are exhausted and overwhelmed and all they want to do is sit down and not think about another thing.
This is normal. It happens to all of us. So what can us moms who have been there before do to help?
We can tell you what made our lives easier.. It is as simple as that!

So lets help...
I want to help these soon to be moms out by giving them our top picks for surviving the first few months.  Make a comment and list the things you used the most and that you felt was a necessity for you and the baby. I will compile a list and post it in within the next week.
Let's get to typing and help out! We all know we needed it.


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