Thursday, March 4, 2010

How To: Make Cake Pops

Yesterday I gave you some pictures of the Cake Pops that I am going to show/tell you how to make today. 
So get out your pen and paper and let's get started.
First you will need to choose what kind of pop you want to make. Here are some ideas: cake pops, brownie pops, cheesecake pops, pound cake, etc. and then your choice of chocolate. White, Dark, or Milk Chocolate. You can also use food coloring to make whatever color you want with your white chocolate.

These are the items I chose to use while decorating and making the pops.

Cake with Icing

 Cake Balls
1 box yellow cake mix (cook as directed on box for 13 X 9 cake)
1 can cream cheese frosting (16 oz.)
1 package chocolate bark
wax paper
plastic or wooden sticks
decoration items

1. After cake is cooked and cooled completely, crumble into large bowl.

2. Mix thoroughly with 1 can cream cheese frosting but save a small amount to dip your sticks in. (It may be easier to use fingers to mix together, but be warned it will get messy.)
3. Roll mixture into quarter size balls and lay on cookie sheet. (Should make 45-50. You can get even more if you use a mini ice cream scooper, but I like to hand roll them.)
4. Chill for several hours. (You can speed this up by putting them in the freezer.)
5. Melt chocolate in microwave per directions on package or double boiler
6. Take a Tiny bit of extra icing and dip the top of your sticks into it. Then place them half way through your cake ball.

7. Roll balls in chocolate and lay on wax paper until firm. (Use a spoon to dip and roll in chocolate and then tap off extra.)
I also only melt a few pieces of chocolate bark at a time because it starts to cool and thicken. It’s easier to work with when it’s hot.
If you choose to use a double boiler then do you won't need to worry about how much you melt.
8. Decorate and Have Fun
Let me know if you have any questions!
Have Fun
 Here are some finished ones:

 Fun ones for the kids
Chocolate with coconut.These are the ones that I chose to do. So I covered mine with coconut and dark chocolate.
A Small Gift Idea Using Valentines Day as the Theme

So I am going to overload you with a few more pictures. This is to help a few of you out who mentioned maybe doing these for a baby shower.


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Brianne said...

Those are adorable and look so yummy! I am sure kids love them. I mean the simple ones with just the sprinkles I am going to try and make for my daughters bday celebration at school! Thanks for sharing!

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