Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Son Turns 4

Today my oldest son turns 4. I can not believe that 4 years has gone by already. I just gaze at him in amazement just as I did the first moment I laid eyes on him. I wanted to take you back for a moment since this blog was started in the fall of '09 and most of you don't know the birth story of my son.

The day I went into labor was a Friday. I was on my 5th day of maternity leave and I was about to get ready for a wedding that I thought I was going to attend for sure. I had been cleaning house and started to feel tired so I sat down to relax for a bit before I grabbed a shower. All the sudden I had to use the bathroom and let's just say--thank goodness I made it to the bathroom. My water BROKE. Yes-- I was on the toilet! I was VERY surprised and just kept thinking that this couldn't be possible, I was determined to go to that wedding. But instead I called my husband and the Doctor immediately. My husband frantically drove home and was a complete basket case when he arrived.  But he was so sweet and cute.

I was all calm and packing my bags because I didn't have them packed yet. See--My water broke almost 3 weeks early and I was planning on doing the bag packing the next week.
Lessoned learned (pack your bags as early as possible.)
But back to the calm part. I just kept telling myself this couldn't be real, I felt like I needed to be pinched. I have no idea where the calmness came from...

We finally arrived at the hospital around 5:30 (about 2 hours after my water broke--but I was taking my time.) I forgot to tell you I grabbed a shower and washed my hair before we left. I wanted to feel clean, what can I say?
I was admitted and hooked up to the monitors. About 6:30 I started to have contractions that I actually started to feel.  I was allowed to walk the halls and spent most of the time on the potty. It was the only place that I felt less pain on. The contractions obviously got worse as the night went along but at 2:13 am I held that sweet little baby boy in my arms for the first time. It was love at first site and I felt so blessed.

He was 5 lbs 12 oz. 18 1/2 inches long and just perfect!

As I look at him now I sometimes have to take a second glance because he has changed so much. That baby boy is turning into a young boy. He is SO curious and SO smart. I have to pinch myself still that I was so blessed to have such a sweet and healthy child. Yes--he has his moments but what child doesn't? He is always telling me, "mommy you are beautiful" "mommy you are so sweet." Oh how I love to hear these words. It just melts my heart!

So today--We are going to have fun, eat some cupcakes, and I am making his requested dinner. This will be another great birthday to remember.

Thanks for going back 4 years with me today as I reminisced the day he was born.



In Wonder of it All.... said...

Happy Birthday ETHAN!!!

I looked at the calendar yesterday and can't be 4 years already!!

Krysten said...

I know... I can NOT believe it!
I will tell him you said happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Ethan!!! I am with you - four years, I can't believe it. I remember that night we were at the wedding, asking where ya'll were, and I was so surprised that you were in labor!

Ethan is a precious little boy and truly a blessing from God. So excited for him and your family.

Happy Birthday!!!

Kristina said...

I don't have a blog, but the anonymous was Kristina. (Don't want you getting freaked about whose reading and commenting!)

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