Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pictures of the Day

Do you ever look back at pictures and remember the moment when you took it or why you captured that particular moment?
I do--Often.
Sometimes my son and I grab a Creative Memory book and just sit and look through all the old pictures of when he was little. It is the cutest thing watching him laugh and say "that's me, and that's me, and that's me." He starts to ask questions and I have all the memories come back to me as to why we took those pictures. 
If you don't do this often with your hubby or children you should. It is such a sweet time. 
Today I want to share with you 3 picks for the day.
This picture was taken while the boys were all in the backyard. They love to be outside but what boy doesn't? This was a chilly afternoon but we were getting ready to have some friends over and they were helping daddy outside by the grill.
This picture is taken of my oldest. We were at the Zoo and he climbed on a (fake) gorilla. He said," Mommy take my picture."
This picture was taken after my baby had just finished his lunch. I pulled him over to the light and wanted to capture his sweet smile that he kept giving me.

 Pull out your old pictures and reminisce on the memories.


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