Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two Cute Easter Crafts

Easter is just around the corner, actually only a few weeks away. It is never to early to get started on some cute Easter decorations, gifts, cards, menu for dinner, or teaching your children why we really celebrate Easter.
The most important reason for Easter after all is Christ resurrection. 

This week I want to get a head start and share with you two fun crafts that you or your kids can do to get into the Easter spirit.
1. Jelly Bean Carrots
2. Bunny Envelopes 
Jelly Bean Carrots
These make cute favors or gifts to hand out during Easter. 
Tools and MaterialsPlastic pastry bag
Orange jelly beans
Ribbon of your choice

Jelly Bean Carrot How-To
1. Fill a plastic pastry bag 3/4 of the way with orange jelly beans.
2. Tie bag closed with a green rickrack or ribbon.
3. Include the carrots in an Easter basket or fill a basket with them and set them out as favors for a party.

Easter Bunny Envelopes

1. Seal the flap of an envelope, and draw bunny ears on the sealed side, as shown below. You can draw your own or use a template.

2. Cut along the line through both layers of the envelope.
3. Flip the envelope over; the side of the envelope becomes the bottom of your treat holder.
4. Cut pink construction paper to make eyes and insides of ears, and glue them on the front of the envelope. Use colored pencil for mouth; glue on a pom-pom nose. Fill with yummy Easter sweets.


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BOWquet said...

those are so cute!!!! Love the easter bunny idea. :)

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