Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Functional Kitchen

 When you think of a Kitchen, well when I think of a kitchen... I think of a space/room I am practically in all day. Cooking 3 meals a day plus snacks for 4 people plus sometimes visitors isn't always easy. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking and I love having people over but sometimes I run out of ideas. Yes, Even I run out of ideas. I could write an entire cook book but when it comes to doing something for my family I can't decide on what I want to cook.Which then I turn to my husband and ask, "What would you like for dinner this week?" But I bet you can all guess what he says.... the infamous words from husbands about food, "Whatever you want." And then you are back at square one.
That got me thinking, If I had an in home chef and they asked what I wanted for dinner, you better believe I would be giving them all kinds of things to cook. I would want something new everyday for lunch and dinner. So why is it that I can't make up my mind for my small family of 4?
Well honestly most of the time I can, it is just those few days here and there that I can't decide.... I think we all have those. Where we wished someone would come in and cook and clean up and leave us to enjoy a quiet dinner.
Maybe that's what it's like after the kids leave home...huh....but I don't think it is reality for most of us!
But back to what I was saying about kitchens--When you spend so much time in a room you want it to be functional. You want to be able to find everything and have a spot for it all, right?

Guess where everyone always ends up? You got it---in the kitchen.

Work on taking the space you have and making it workable. Clean the clutter, organize your pantry and just give your kitchen a new and improved look for FREE.

Because I have different taste and designs for rooms it differs from day to day with what my favorite choice would be for a kitchen. I tried to find a picture to give you an idea of what my "ideal" kitchen would be but I couldn't find it. I think that's because it's in my head and I haven't seen it anywhere.

So if you get a chance this week write and tell me what room in your house is your favorite and which room you spend the most time in...I can't wait to hear.


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Hannah Baer said...

My favorite room is my Kitchen as well. There is just something about a freshly mopped kitchen that puts me in a good mood. I love the layout of my kitchen, I just wish it was a tad bigger. It has an island where people can sit, and an eat in area. I have recently gone through all of my non-stick cookware and gotten rid of any that had scratches, or that didn't lay flat while cooking. My favorite utensil is my lemon zester. Lemon zest adds such a fresh flavor, especially during spring and summer. The second runner up would be my meat tenderizer, having kids, I use it every time I cook chicken, it makes the chicken so much easier for them to chew, AND for me to cut up into small pieces.

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