Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Homemade Butter in Minutes

homemade butter in less than 10 minutes... It's funny how when you tell the average person that you make your own butter, they look at you as if you've never heard of things like electricity and modern day conveniences. Maybe that's because their only memory of making butter involved two hours of non-stop shaking of a Mason jar of cream back in kindergarten days. But honestly, if you have ten minutes on your side and a pint of heavy cream, then you can have fresh, homemade butter without the least bit of effort.

Homemade Butter
2c heavy whipping cream
salt to taste (I used a pinch of kosher salt)

Pour the cream into a food processor. Blend for 6-10 minutes until the cream forms into a ball. Remove the solids from the liquid. Squeeze out the excess liquid and pat butter into a dish.

It is pretty cool how the liquid comes together. The first four minutes, it comes together looking like thick whipped cream. Then within a minute of two, it starts to curdle and the liquid separates almost immediately. Another minute or two later, you have a nice round ball of butter.
It taste fresh and you can call it your own. So give it a try!


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