Friday, March 5, 2010

Sitting Cozy

 Last week I posted a room called So Serene and this week I am doing a continuation but I am going to show you a cozy spot today.

As I was thinking about the next room my mind starting thinking about cozy and comfortable places. I was really wanting to share the kitchen with you but that doesn't scream cozy or comfortable so I will have to save that room for Functional Kitchens.
This was taken from HGTV's Green Home 2008.
It is a perfect room to describe cozy, comfortable, and relaxing. It makes you want to grab a book (if you have time to read) or magazine and sit and relax.
This is actually a sitting area but you could take this idea and use it in your living room.
The easiest way to add change to a room without spending alot of money is to buy some accent pillows (or make them) and paint. That is it--plain and simple. Although if your budget allows it never hurts to add some little decorative items here and there.


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