Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Q and A

Last Tuesday I posted a Q and A and didn't get any questions through the blog but I did get a couple through e-mail and blog frog. I also have had some questions along the way with this blog and thought I would share 5 of the questions with you today.

A.) How did you get the name Mommy Buzz?
 Well I am a mommy and I am VERY busy with two little ones. Call me crazy--but one day I was thinking of bees and how they are always working--Buzzing around. Then I was thinking about what woman do when we all get together. We talk, talk , talk. So I put the two together and hints the name Mommy Buzz. I know it's silly but until I think of something else I guess it will remain Mommy Buzz.

B.)How do you find time to blog and be a mom and wife?
It was much easier when I first started b/c my youngest wasn't mobile at the time and my oldest would nap.So I would do it during there nap time.But now that my oldest doesn't really nap anymore (well about 2 days a week) and my youngest is into everything, I try to write post during the evenings after they have gone to bed or when they are both laying down. I also work on post first thing in the morning before they are awake or while we eat breakfast. I try to spend as much time with them while they are awake b/c they are only young once.

C.)What is your favorite thing to cook?
Since I love desserts I would have to say sweet treats.

D.)What is your favorite thing about blogging?
Knowing that I am encouraging women and providing useful information along the way.

E.)Are you going to keep blogging?
I would like too. It does take alot of time but is so much fun. It is a great way to get the ideas out of my head and I honestly just love it.

A Note To Mommy Buzz Readers:
I haven't had a chance to tell you --thank you for reading the blog. I have received encouraging e-mails, facebook messages, and blog comments from you all. It means alot to know people are reading it and that it is helpful in some way. Thanks for reading and continue to post comments and read when you can.


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