Friday, November 6, 2009

Family Tradition

{Share with me your Family Tradition}

As I was thinking about what I could write on today I started to think about family. So I decided it might be interesting to have a discussion on Family Tradition.
I am always interested in what other families do together during holidays, vacations, quick get-aways,etc.  You might even have a favorite food that you fix for a birthday every year that you would like to share...

So I am going to ask you all to get involved in this post:
Share with me your Favorite Family Traditions

Just post a comment to start the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... There really are a lot of family traditions that we use to do as I was growing up. Some are more treasured than others and this particular one will be passed along to my children now that I have a family of my own.

My most vivid memory would have be Christmas morning. My sisters and I would sit around with each other listening to my dad read the Christmas Story (out of the Bible) while my mom used *hand made* finger puppets to illustrate the story. After a few years my mom had taught us the story by heart and we would begin to recite it along with my dad. Those are and will always be treasured moments with my family. For those who are unfamiliar, I am talking about the Christmas Story of Jesus' Birth: Luke 2. That was a little something our family use to do that I will be passing on to my children this year. Oh, the wonderful memories of those early mornings! :)

BOWquet said...

Mike and I have a few traditions we've started and enjoy. Some may seem silly, but we love it. Every halloween we watch "Monster House". It's not halloween for us if we don't watch it. :)
We have a few other traditions, but my favorite one is our Christmas tradition. Christmas day is always hectic b/c we bounce around from house to house and never feel like we get to enjoy each other (and now our daughter). So 3 years ago we said Christmas Eve was just for us, we sit together, put on a Christmas movie and we each paint a christmas ornament for our tree. I love it! We get to be creative and spend time together... And now, we get to share our tradition with our daughter, although I'm not sure when she'll actually be able to paint her own. :) I think it's so fun to come up with different traditions that you can pass along to your kids! :)

Chad & Amber said...


How excited I am to find your blog! I have thought of you often and get updates every now and then, I am so glad to see your family growing and doing so well! What a sweet blessing your blog is! I look forward to reading it. I would love to catch up more, our blog is and my email is
Talk to you soon!

Amber Darty Rollins

misti green said...

"the new tradition I want to start on Friday nights in our new home the 1st of the year....(by the way I have already announced this to the family so they will know we are going to start many traditions once we move)...but, what I would like to do is have cookie or ice cream night at the Green's house on Friday nights...make everyone wait until Fri. for anything sweet and have sweet night on Friday night....

The other tradition is I want to start a tablecloth that everyone signs when coming to our home...I want to reach out to as many people and make everyone feel welcome and have them sign our tablecloth....

We actually are trying to think of more....think traditions are so important and family is too...want to have more time for it all...."

Misti Green

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