Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What boot are you?

So I thought this would be interesting to do on the blog... We will see what you all think...

So as I was reading the Ladies Home Journal I saw an article on the 10 boots to have for this season. So I decided to post the name and picture of each boot and see which boot you would pick? I personally don't know anyone who would where some of them but I would be interested in seeing what you think...

So My Question To You Is--What Boot Are You?

Boot #1
Black High Heeled

  Boot #2
Brown Flat Boot

Boot #3
Black Heeled Bootie

Boot #4
Classic Flat Boot

Boot #5
Riding Boot

Boot #6
Zipper Detail Boot

Boot #7
Ankle Boot

Boot #8
Over the Knee Flats

Boot #9
Scrunched Ankle Boot

Boot #10
Grey Heeled Boot

Or are you #11
None of the boots.

I know I would be #11. I like a black or brown knee high heeled boot with skinny heels.. So they didn't have my pick.

So just click on comment and tell us what your choice would be! 


Katie Rice said...

I am a #11 also, i prefer skinny heels. :)

BOWquet said...

I think I'd be a #1, I love black and heels! :)

BrittanyHedrick said...

Well, Anyone who knows me- KNOWS I loved HIGH HIGH heels... and when it comes to boots it would be a over the knee or close to. SO, with all that said, I would be #11 because there isn't a high thin heel! :)

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