Friday, November 13, 2009

*Thankful For: Our Freedom in this Country*

*Thankful For*

As we are nearing Thanksgiving I thought I would write a post on being thankful for: Our Freedom in this Country

As Americans we take for-granted what we have on a day to day basis. As I think about the men and women serving our country my heart goes out to them and their families.
I recently joined a MOPS group here in the Savannah-Richmond Hill Area. I am beginning to realize that alot of the women who are joining the group are Military wives. They are wanting someone to connect with, to talk to, to share with what is going on in their lives, to go and have play dates with, to have someone else besides themselves and their children to talk to because many of their husbands are deployed.
Many of them will be having Thanksgiving without their spouse..So be thankful for the poeple you do have around you to celebrate the holidays with.

If it wasn't for the many women and men who have served this county, risking their lives day after day, decade after decade, century after century, then we would not have the freedom we have today.
Just think about this:
We can walk around in public singing songs with Jesus in it to our children; We can pray at a restaurant before we eat our meal; We can read our bible on our break at work or in between classes at school; We can talk openly about so many things that other countries don't have the freedom to do.

So I think we should be very thankful for our freedom!

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BrittanyHedrick said...

I am extremely thankful for our Health.. I feel like I take for granted just being able to function without aches and breath properly that when I get sick I remember o' so well what it was like to be well! So today I am so thankful for my health.. Even though three out of four people in our household is sick- I know it could be worse and that this cold is only temporary… (hopefully it will be gone sooner than later!)

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