Monday, November 16, 2009

{Good Morning Mondays}

Good Morning Monday

So we have a few announcements:

1. There will be a giveaway this week.. Stay posted for it!

2. So since we are just one full week away from Thanksgiving I thought I would share with you a new fall recipes each day.
These will be recipes from my recipe book or family recipes that were past down to me.
Some days I might share an entire meal idea with recipes included or just simply a side dish, main dish, or dessert.

Maybe You Have a Question for a Recipe that You Saw Somewhere and want to Make?
If you are wanting to make a dish, or dessert this year but you have a question about how to do a specific thing (or maybe what something means in the recipe) then E-mail me or post a comment and I will be happy to answer any of your questions....I can also post a Poll on if this particular dish and see if it would be a hit or not!

3.Don't forget: We only have 10 more days until Thanksgiving so drop a comment on something you are *Thankful For* if you haven't already done it!!

4. Last but not Least- the week of Thanksgiving Mommy Buzz will be taking a blogging vacation. That means that their will only be a Monday and Tuesday post. Mommy Buzz postings will pick back up on Monday November 30th.

Have a Great Week!


BrittanyHedrick said...

I have a question for mommy buzz.. Since Adam has to work Thanksgiving we are not sure what we will be able to do for the actual "Thanksgiving Day". What are some good ideas to make since there are only two adults and Carson... ?

gusandkrysten said...

Well if it was me I would do the following: Yams or Mashed potatoes b/c it something you can make according to the amount of people you have. In this case you have two poeple plus carson....Then I would do a vegetable: Something that you don't normally make but yet would be easy to do for two adults. Such as: a small veggie casserole or just a simple veggie. Carrot with brown sugar and cinnamon, Green beans, etc. You could also make 1-2 helpings of stuffing. Then for the meat I would get a small Turkey or Chicken (since I know you don't eat anything else). Almost like a roast. Where you can cook it in the oven and make gravy to go with it.
Make a dessert and you are done. Don't make it complicated and keep things simple since it is only 2 adults.

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