Monday, November 2, 2009

{Good Morning Mondays}

~Good Morning Mondays~

I know each day has a new morning but is it a "good" morning? Do you wake up thanking God for the health of you and your family? I know as mothers we have mornings that we wake up grumpy, want to go back to sleep instead of getting the kids up, can't wait til nap time, didn't get that cup of coffee, running late for work or an appointment, your kids aren't cooperating, etc. and the list goes on. But do we truly take a step back and thank God for all that we have?

Since it is now the month of November-we will be celebrating Thanksgiving soon. I would like to share with you all something that either my husband, children, or I am thankful for. I will hopefully-time allowing- be able to share something new with you each day.

I would love for you to join in and share with Mommy Buzz what is you are thankful for. Now you do not have to share everyday, unless you want to, but sharing something with us once would be awesome!
I think we take alot for granted and sometimes we look past the simple-est things to be grateful for.

Join Me-- in this month of November-- as we share with each other the things that we are thankful for!

I am thankful today for Ethan's health. This past weekend Ethan jumped out of a chair and we had to visit the ER. It was a quick fix for the Doctor. All Ethan had was Nurse Maids Elbow. Which just means his arm needed to be popped back into place. I am very thankful it wasn't more then that!
Visit Our Family Blog: trip to the ER for the full story!


Tony & Heather Yancey said...

Today I am thankful for my husband. I am thankful for his safety while on deployement in Afghanastan. I am thankful for God's hedge of protection around him as he serves first, our amazing God, and second, this country. I'm grateful for my husbands courage & strength in this time of war.
& I am thankful for this verse for getting me through the times of doubt/fear while my husband is away from our family.
Psalm 91:7

gusandkrysten said...

Aww! Heather. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. We are grateful and thankful for him and his willingness to serve for the country as well.

We will be praying for his safety!

The Lettow Family said...

Today I am thankful for God's faithful provision...In a somewhat scary financial time for our family, God continues to prove over and over again his character. Today and this week of all weeks we happen to recieve a check in the mail for an amount that I had "overpayed" on my OBGYN bill for Chandler. I cannot express enough how much we NEEDED this money! He continues as always to take care of us and my heart is overflowing with gratitude today ;)

gusandkrysten said...

God is so good! That is amazing Linz!!

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