Sunday, November 8, 2009

{Good Morning Mondays}

{Good Morning Monday}

Welcome to Mommy Buzz on this Monday Morning. I want to thank you for stopping by and checking it out!
As you can see there is lots to read and more to come-- I am always updating, adding, and creating new things that would be of interest to you--I hope...
If you don't see a topic that is of interest to you or would like something discussed on the blog, then comment or e-mail me and I will be happy to work on getting that posted.

For the Month of November you will notice that each day I will list a "Thankful For"Post. I have asked that you join in and let us know what you are thankful for.

We also have a photography guest writer who will bringing us tips, ideas, and ways to help better us with the camera about every couples of weeks.

Also this week, I will be posting --my overview (from chapters 3-4)--of the 3 books that I recommended for you to read along with me.

I am also in the process of getting other guest writers for specific topics to write in as well as another giveaway coming soon.  So as you can see I have more to come so check back for updates!

Thanks again for checking Mommy Buzz out!

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