Thursday, November 19, 2009

*Thankful For*

So this was actually yesterday's *Thankful For* but I decided to use it for today's.
Last night when we were leaving our bible study Ethan and I started to have a conversation and this is how it went:

Ethan:" Momma, are you going to ask me what I am thankful for today?"
Me: "Sure Ethan, What are you thankful for today?"
Ethan: "Umm, I am thankful for my friend Micah. "
Me: "That is very sweet Ethan... You should be very thankful to have friends. And yes, we are very thankful for Micah. "

As I closed the door to the car, I thought," That was so sweet of him to ask me if I was going to ask him today what he was thankful for. And  then for him to say his little friend. I guess he is really remembering to be thankful for things." 

So last night Ethan was thankful for his friend Micah.



ap5 said...

I know this might sound silly, but what I like about thanksgiving is the reminder! We do need to be thankful (as I think you have already said) everyday, but I really do appreciate and enjoy how this season causes us (hopefully :)to focus on it more than we might usually. I too want to instill this in my children at an early age!

Anna Batzig said...

Thanksgiving gives us the opportunity every year to remember all the ways we have been so abundantly and undeservedly blessed by God our Savior, the Giver and Sustainer of life. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the time our family sets aside to reflect and return thanksgiving to Jesus for his electing love and atoning sacrifice for our sins and the many ways we have been blessed in Him over the past year.

Anna Batzig said...

by the way that is really sweet that Ethan said he was thankful for Micah. Micah is thankful for him too and we are thankful for the Evans and hope you are able to continue to be a part of the church here in Richmond Hill.

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